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Should I Get Knee Replacement Surgery or Not?

Should I Get Knee Replacement Surgery or Not?

Onus Hospitals is the best orthopedic hospital in Hyderabad providing advanced knee replacement surgery. It has a team of experienced surgeons, providing high-quality care and excellent outcomes. The hospital is equipped with the latest technology and provides the best inpatient and outpatient care. It also offers a range of non-surgical treatments, physical therapy, and rehabilitation services for orthopedic conditions.

Knee replacement surgery is the most common orthopedic surgery, but it's not without risk. So how do you know if it's right for you?

I'll give you the nitty-gritty on what to expect from knee replacement surgery, including potential benefits, side effects, and alternatives to this expensive procedure.

I'll also help you determine if your pain results from arthritis or another condition — which might be a good reason for getting a second opinion before going through potentially dangerous surgery.

So if someone questions, "Should I take knee replacement surgery or not?" You'll have all the information to give them an informed response confidently.

Pain and stiffness

These are the typical symptoms of arthritis, particularly knee arthritis. But it can become debilitating when the pain becomes unrelenting, constant, and throbbing — for months or even years.

Arthritis is one of the most common causes of chronic knee pain. The joints become worn down through years of overuse, resulting in an overabundance of painful cartilage and bone on both sides of the joint. Eventually, the bones in those joints start rubbing together instead of gliding smoothly across each other with each step you take.

This friction causes a sharp burning sensation that leads to inflammation in the joint and swelling around it (which can lead to further injury).

Knee deformity:

One of the most common types of knee pain is caused by a deformity of the knee joint (often due to arthritis). For example, your kneecap might turn toward the middle of your thigh bone (a condition known as a patellofemoral syndrome or "Runner's Knee" typically affects people who have a lot of miles logged on their knees).

Knee replacement surgery can reverse many cases of this type of kneecap. Or, if you've already had that surgery, your doctor might suggest having another procedure to replace the other knee.

Other treatments didn't work.

There are many other treatments for knee pain, including physical therapy, cortisone shots, and even surgery for the cartilage. But the thing about these is that they're not always effective. Some people don't respond to any treatment at all.

That's why 19% of knees with arthritis end up with knee replacement surgery. And if you're one of these unlucky patients in chronic pain who hasn't had any relief from a less invasive procedure or nonsurgical treatment — then you might also benefit from this surgery.


I think anyone can benefit from knee replacement surgery. But I hope my article has given you more information than you're likely to find at your doctor's office. So take some time to think it over before starting a course with major surgery.

Don't let anyone pressure you into having knee replacement surgery just because they want a high bill from you. Onus Hospitals is the best place for Knee Replacement Surgery.    

If you are looking for the best orthopedic hospital in Hyderabad, then Onus Hospitals is the place to go. The hospital’s commitment to excellence and its commitment to providing the best care and treatment to its patients makes it the best orthopedic hospital in Hyderabad.

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