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Understanding the Different Types of Vascular Surgery

Understanding the Different Types of Vascular Surgery

Onus Hospitals is the best multi-speciality hospital in Hyderabad providing comprehensive healthcare services for vascular surgery and other medical conditions. Our team of highly skilled and experienced cardiologists, vascular surgeons, and other medical professionals are dedicated to providing quality care and treatments for our patients.

Vascular surgery is a medical specialty that treats disorders of the vascular system, including the arteries, veins, and lymphatic vessels. Vascular surgeons at ONUS Hospitals, Dr. Venugopal and Dr. Kishan, specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of vascular diseases. They are well-versed in the different types of vascular surgery and the potential risks and benefits associated with each.

The most common types of vascular surgery include open surgery, endovascular surgery, and hybrid procedures. Open surgery is performed by making a large incision in the skin and then accessing the targeted blood vessels. Open surgery is often used to repair blood vessels that are damaged from trauma or disease, remove blockages, or bypass a blocked vessel. Endovascular surgery is a less invasive procedure, where a catheter is inserted through a small incision in the skin. The catheter is then used to guide a device, such as a stent, to the blocked area. Hybrid procedures involve both open and endovascular techniques.

The type of vascular surgery that is recommended for a particular patient depends on the location and severity of their vascular disease. Dr. Venugopal and Dr. Kishan will thoroughly assess their patients vascular condition before recommending a specific type of vascular surgery. They will also consider the patients age, overall health, and risk factors when making their decision.

At ONUS Hospitals, Dr. Venugopal and Dr. Kishan are committed to providing the highest quality of care to their patients. They understand that each patients vascular condition is unique and requires a personalized treatment plan. With their expertise in vascular surgery, they are able to provide comprehensive care and ensure the best possible outcome for their patients.

If you in need of vascular surgery, make sure to seek out the care of experienced and knowledgeable vascular surgeons, such as Dr. Venugopal and Dr. Kishan at ONUS Hospitals. With their expertise in the different types of vascular surgery, they can help you find the best treatment plan for your individual situation.

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